August 14, 2019

Spring Racing 2019: Ideas for Brands and Agencies to Boost Consumer Engagement

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photo of people at a social playground brand activationphoto of people at a social playground brand activation

Spring Racing Carnival Marketing and Experiential Ideas

We've rounded up our top picks for creating memorable experiences to celebrate Spring Racing season. From 360 degree selfies to insta-worthy flower walls and everything in between. This is your little black book of consumer engagement strategies...

January, February, March... August.

Literally, this year feels like it has flown past in a nanosecond. Don't even ask us what happened to May (from memory there was an election?!). Regardless, October is just around the corner and with that comes the beginning of one of our fave times of year - Spring Racing Carnival.

That's right folks, it's time to start thinking about fashion, frivolity and fun in the sun (or wind and hail storms, because... Melbourne). And what's more important than the glamour of the track? It's the Instagram feeds to go with it.

Because if it's not on social media, well dahhhhling, did it even happen?

We've rounded up our top picks for creating memorable experiences to celebrate Spring Racing season. From 360 degree selfies to insta-worthy flower walls and everything in between. It's your little black book of consumer engagement strategies.

Read the full list below for a complete guide to social engagement for Spring Racing 2019.

Interactive Experiences


Capture race goers looking their best with ProPix. ProPix uses professional DSLR photography to capture all the right angles and gift consumers with upload-worthy content. What’s the point of getting glammed up if you don’t have pics to show off?

Be sure to add some fun extras like unlimited printing, a branded backdrop or data capture to add to the overall experience. 

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2. SOCIAL 360

Social 360 brings the WOW factor at any event and the Spring Racing Carnival is no exception. What better way to capture consumer’s Race Day outfits from all angles? It is essentially a modern day ‘Fashions on the Field’ video experience!

Race goers will step onto the platform and capture their 15” video as the camera rotates around them. 

The video is then overlaid with music, branding and slow-motion effects, and delivered straight to the consumer via SMS or Email.

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Fashions on the Field in 2019 is so much more than just a fashion parade. Every bit as important is the incredible content captured for social media. And what better way to do that than with video.

Capture a 10-15” video of Race Goers strutting their stuff on a runway and showing off their Fashion choice.

Each video can include an intro and overlay for maximum branding and plus music to bring it to life.

Once the video is captured guests will be able to digitally share this via SMS or Email for easy upload – ensuring this outfit is seen by ALL!

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Get that K-Dash glow with our Beauty Booth. Choose from Black and White, subtle coloured filters and all the beautifying tricks we have up our sleeve.

Beauty Booth captures attendees in all their glam glory, and delivers a perfectly primed image straight to their mobiles and ready to share to social media.

Add branded overlays and onsite printing to extend the experience and drive your brand further.

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Most people will never have the thrill of holding the Melbourne Cup in the air after a Race Day victory. Well with the 3D Green Screen, we can make this dream a reality and gift consumers with custom GIFS thrusting the Melbourne Cup in the air!

Our 3D Green Screen captures consumers leaping out of an IG frame to grab the Melbourne Cup and have their very own victory moment!

The GIF is then transferred to a share station for instant share via SMS or Email.

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Premium Event Staffing


Did you know that Social Playground can provide premium event staffing, with Brand Ambassadors, Models, Promo Staff, Team Leaders and Supervisors all in our repertoire? 

We’ve worked on large scale events like Meccaland 2019 to provide premium hosts, brand ambassadors and event supervisors, who feel genuinely passionate about representing brands. 

Let our Playground People help you create an exceptional experience onsite for your next event.

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Backdrops, Sets & Extras


Pair any of our photo or video moments with a custom made balloon, streamer and floral backdrop. We team up with the best in the industry to create backdrops made for social media content.

Photo Experiences could include:

  • Pro Pix
  • Social Array
  • GIF Booth
  • Premium GIF Booth
  • Hashtag Printer


Up the fun factor with digital augmented reality lenses – perfect for social events or engaging the millennial audience.

Each photo or animated gif is captured in front of a backdrop or set. Augmented reality graphics are applied instantly, ready for social media sharing and/or onsite printing.


Build your consumer database, contact consumers post event or send targeted EDM’s.

Add data capture to any of our photography experiences and watch your post-event marketing opportunities grow. 

Capture an unlimited number of fields, such as:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Post Code
  • Custom Q's

i.e. What brand of wine is their favourite, to where they bought their race day outfit!


Add printing to any of our photo booth experiences to provide a branded take-home for consumers on the day. 

We also provide custom printing, so we can even print onto wine labels, stickers, magnets and more! 

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Round out your event with printed signage! Whether it’s a simple standalone sign or branded decals applied to your chosen product, printed signage takes your activation to new, fully bespoke heights.


Are you planning a Spring Racing or Melbourne Cup activation and want to create an engaging and memorable experience for consumers and attendees? We would LOVE to work with you on your unique event requirements.

We service nationwide. Send us a brief today! 

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