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Event trends 2018

February 8, 2018


As we pride ourselves on being event trend-hunters we like to think we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to what’s trendy in events. 


Given 2018 is well and truly here we have wrapped up a few deal breakers when it comes to ‘top trends’ in events across the year to come.


Check out our below list of immersive and experiential trends and find out how to execute these at your next event.



1. SHARe-me-right-now content


The number one trend we are seeing take the international event stage by storm is an immersive selfie set up.


In a recent EventBrite research study, more than half of Aussie millennials (53%) admitted that they have directly attended an event so that they can post their experience on socials.


Admittedly, we’ve all been there… right?


So with this knowledge, we are seeing a huge increase in Event Producers creating immersive, share-to-socials kinda set ups so that consumers can snap a photo and share instantly with their followers.


I mean, when even Kylie and Kim can’t keep their Museum of IceCream snaps off socials you KNOW it’s a trend.



2.FOOD AND DRINK are on the RISE



We saw 2017 give birth to the cronut, the quake shake and even the sushi burger (srsly, vom) but this means just one thing. Food and beverage are here to stay in a BIG way in 2018.


Melbourne and Sydney tend to celebrate Food and Bev any way we can with an endless list of food and wine festivals scattered throughout the year.


Want inspo? You’ll find a list of our FAVE food and bev festivals HERE

*Warning DO NOT CLICK on an empty stomach.



Experience Vs. Material



 Recent studies have shown that over 81% of consumers are choosing to spend their $$ on experience over material possession, a stat that is GREAT news for the event industry!


Brand launches, venue openings, movie premiers and everything in between are all gearing their budgets towards BIG kick-@$$ events as apposed to material marketing.


The event industry is booming in a BIG way and this means that everyone is trying to out trump and re innovate the term ‘experience’ every day. What’s creative, what’s cool and most importantly what will get HEAP$ of attention in the media and on socials.


In summary, hand me a Pims Cocktail, a delicious canopy and a like-worthy selfie moment and you’re onto a winner! Easy, right?



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