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How to Leverage your User-Generated Content Post-Event

October 1, 2018

Wondering what to do with all that amazing user-generated content from your event? Here’s our top tips to ride that post-activation-high!



Use your own Social Media Channels! Duh!


You have been given heaps of fabulous, unique, trustworthy UGC which will help to build brand awareness and increase positive brand affiliation. Get those babies onto Instagram ASAP and tell everyone what fun you had!




Implement a competition


There is nothing quite like a little incentive to encourage people to do something to support your campaign.  Why not implement a competition for the best content creation?  This will encourage people to get creative, post to their own networks, and continue to positively engage with your brand. 





Use it on your website


Publishing UGC on your website demonstrates to your audience that you care about what they have to say. It shows that their voice is important, builds brand awareness, creates warm fuzzy feelings, and attracts new customers. 



Compile UGC to in your own advertising


People trust what other users have to say over brand messaging alone. Compiling UGC into an Ad, whether above or below the line, is communicating to your audience via their peers, and will go some way to achieving a broader reach.




Ad UGC to your EDMs and Email campaigns


Add a spot of genuine, happy consumer content to your direct marketing and create some EDMs.  This will help to promote a sense of authenticity and continue to build brand awareness and optimisation. 




Ask us


Remember, you are never alone.  If you want to know what works well for us, or what has worked well for our clients, please do not hesitate to ASK.  We are happy to help.  (Our clients tell us that we are pretty good at this content game!)




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